What We're All About

We are a small team that believes that everyone is happier, more enthusiastic, engaged, and productive when working across a variety of tasks. That doesn’t mean we don't have different expertise and preferences (oh, we do!) – each of us brings unique sets of experiences and skills to the table.

Photo of Kai


Kai is a big fan of creating useful, intuitive products. To do that, he gets involved in the project’s earliest stages. He loves working through an idea and determine how technology can be used to solve a problem.

From outlining what the product should do to developing and designing an app, building the app’s backend, and shipping the product, Kai does it all!

His favourite tasks are those that touch on product development and challenging iOS software problems.

Fun Fact

Kai is right handed.

Photo of Kai
Photo of Malin


Malin doesn’t like to limit herself to one defined role. She’s involved in the entire process that goes into creating a great product!

Malin does everything from designing software and icons to developing apps (mobile, desktop, web) and backend services. She also creates marketing material and other assets needed for a product.

Her favourite tasks to take on are those that touch the design, user interface, and user experience of an app.

Fun Fact

Malin is left handed.

Photo of Malin

Plus Friends

We're a small team with experience in a broad range of product and software design & development tasks. However, for projects that are larger or require very specific expertise, we’re able to add some of our tech-savvy friends to the team to tackle those challenges as well.